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Unaligned Faction D10 Dice Set

Set of 12 Custom D10's for the Pirate Faction

Dice Bag Included

Our Price: $15.99
Unaligned Activation Deck

Themed Deck for your Pirate forces in Blood & Plunder.

Standard 52 Card Deck with 2 Event Cards

Our Price: $18.00
Status Marker Dice Set

Set of 24 Custom D6's for tracking unit status

6 Action Markers
6 Reload Markers
6 Fatigue Markers
6 Critical Hit Markers

Dice Bag Included

Our Price: $19.99
Unaligned Starter Set

100pt Unaligned Started Set


Twenty-five 28mm Lead Free Pewter Figures

8 Freebooters
8 Flibusters
4 Marineros
4 Les Enfant Perdus
1 Buccaneer Commander
1 Faction Card

Our Price: $65.00